Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How was your day?

You can kind of see the bandage on my aright arm and also the little bandage on my left are where they attempted to put it :(

     I have had the day from HELL!!! I can't even begin to say how happy I am to be home in my cozy bed! I had an appointment at the hospital at 10 this morning. I was only suppose to be there for two and a half hour tops..nope, I was there for EIGHT hours. The reason I had to go in this morning was to have my PICC placed. I got there and they were gonna put just a regular IV in my arm so I could get my antibiotic while they put in my PICC because since it had been awhile since I had it, this particular antibiotic takes an hour and a half to infuse. Well the lady that went to start my IV missed, and I wasn't about to let them try again. So I just said I'd wait to get my antibiotic until my PICC was in. They come in to place my PICC and everything was going really well, but for some reason the last little bit wouldn't go in. I then had to be taken to radiology to see what was going on. After being in there for an hour the doctor finally came to the conclusion that my veins have shrunk down so much around the area of my port (where they had to go) that there is now a blockage and that's the reason it wouldn't go any further. After four hours of messing with that, they got one in the other arm. I got back to my room and got my antibiotic and after two more hours, FINALLY got to go home!!!! Through all of this I was given no pain medications of any kind. Complete unacceptable if you ask me and everyone else I was around today. But needless to say my day has been complete shit. I'm so happy to be home and to have all of that over with.

In the picture above you can see the whole they made in my left arm in attempt to place my PICC

My final bandage..

     Everyone that has been texting me and what not, THANK YOU for all the support, I just haven't been in the mood for talking the last couple days. But thank you to everyone that's been so considered and supportive, it means the world to me and I love you all :)

- Amanda :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's that time again...

     I know I haven't posted anything about my trip to California or anything since my trip to California, I'm sorry!!! And I will get on that ASAP!!! But the reason I haven't is because I'm sick. I had a doctors appointment today (it was a scheduled visit) and since I haven't been feeling good for about two weeks now, I knew it wasn't going to be good. Last time I had a doctors appointment was about a month ago or so, my pfts were 37%, which is my baseline, and today they were 23%.. NOT GOOD AT ALL. HORRIBLE IN FACT!!! Naturally, my doctors wanted to admit me into the hospital and normally I wouldn't complain about being put in the hospital as crappy as I'm feeling. But this time, it was NOT going to happen. I was sick a lot last term, resulting in me missing a lot of school and failing all my classes. Because I failed all my classes, I lost my financial aid. I have worked so hard to get everything together so I could file and appeal, in attempt to get it back. Well yesterday, was the first day of classes and the day I turned everything in for my appeal. I wasn't about to be put in the hospital just to loose my financial aid again. I absolutely LOVE going to school. As an alternate to going to the hospital, I am going to be doing home IVs as of tomorrow. Which means, I can go to school!!!!! Tomorrow morning at 10am, I have to go to Sunnyside so they can place a PICC in my arm, which will be left in for two weeks, so I can get my antibiotics.  
This was the PICC I had in last time I was on IVs. And is the same thing I'm getting put in my arm tomorrow :(

     I am so thankful, that I still get the chance to continue to go to school even though I'm severely sick. Yes, it's gonna be extremely challenging. But hey, at least I get to go. My doctors have been talking to me a lot about transplant and what not because I am close to needing one. And I can't help but say, it really kills me when people complain about about their pfts dropping when they have pfts above 60%. I would do ANYTHING to have lungs that functioned that greatly. I know CF affect everyone differently and everyone's body handles it differently, but I just can't help but shake my head when I hear people say stuff like that. BE THANKFUL. Because there are people that would give anything and everything to be able to breathe as good as you can. BE THANKFUL for all the little things, everyone takes for granted everyday. I'm thankful for every breath I take, every day I wake up, every time I feel well enough to go to school, every time I can walk a short distance without coughing up a lung, EVERYTHING, I'm thankful just for still being alive today. I'm especially thankful for the wonderful support system that I have :) <3

     I will keep this updated as often as I can, it really depends on how I'm feeling. Good thoughts and prayers are always welcome! 

- Amanda :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Reunited and it feels so good!

  I landed in the Oakland airport at about 10:40 pm last night. Melissa and Andy picked me up at about 11 or so. And from the airport we had about an hour and half drive back to melissas house. We finally got home at about 12:30 am or so! By the time we got home, I was extremely tired and ready for bed. Unfortunately, Melissa has had a terrible time sleeping the past two months and nothing she's done has helped. Sleeping pills, bed time tea, relaxation techniques, everything. We are open to suggestions if anyone has any?!! 

  When we finally decided to get our butts out of bed this morning it was 11!! lol And the first stop we made was Starbucks!!! Once we had our "go-go juice" as my mom calls it, we got ready. Driven, where melissa works, it a go-kart place, was having a car show/ chili cook off today. We went and checked it out and walked around and looked at all the cars that were there (we weren't to impressed!) But we got to race and play arcade games and that was really fun :) even though I suck at racing!! Our next task of the day was to go car shopping, as melissa needs a new car that she can rely on! We went to about five different car lots and talked to a lot of annoying cars salesmen!! I despise car salesmen, I just don't have to patients to deal with them. We found some cute cars that happen to be in her price range! She made notes of all the ones she liked and where they were so her dad could go back and look at them sometime soon. After walking around and looking at cars, I was pretty tired so now we are back at mels house and doing what we do best, NOTHING!!!!! We're watching lifetime movies and shes doing homework!! A very typically Amanda and Melissa day :)

  I don't know if we have any other plans today or not. I'm thinking not. Tomorrow, we plan on going to San Francisco! I've never been to San Fran and I can't wait!! I'm so excited to see the city!! I will be most likely posting lots of pictures!!!!!! 

  On a side note, Aaron is having a wonderful time in Hawaii! Today, they are going to see some volcano, he was pretty excited. And also, my little brother, Austin, his football team won their game today, 60 - 42!!! I'm so proud of him!! :)

- Amanda :) 

Friday, September 7, 2012


Hiiiii allll :)

Friday August 31st: Aaron and I spent the day at the river with a few of his friends. I sat on the sidelines while I watch them all jump of a tunnel, making their jump about 15ft. Crazy I tell ya. Once they all conquered that jump, they wanted more. So we drove to a different place that was about 5 minutes away. Where they were gonna jump from and where we had to park was about a 10 minute walk, that I was in no way gonna be able to do. So instead of not going, my wonderful boyfriend came up with the wonderful idea of pulling me on his long board! I sat on his long board and held onto a towel while he pulled me! It was genius!!! It was an all day thing, so by the time they were done, I was extremely tired! But me being tired was totally worth it because I got to see Aaron smile all day long! :)

Saturday September 1st: This day was a be lazy and do nothing type of day! At about 9pm or so, Aaron, my sister Ashley, my cousin Dustin, and myself, decided that we wanted to go bowling since I have a million free bowling games but can only use one per day! We bowl our first game and as we start our second game this group of people come in and start bowling a few lanes down from us. After Ashley takes her turn, she comes back and says "I smell pot". Well I had thought I smelled it but I wasn't 100% sure. From that point on, the smell just get stronger and stronger. About half way through our game I start coughing uncontrollably and my lungs start hurting really bad. I just couldn't handle it anymore, so we decided to leave, not finishing our game. So, I walk up to the counter to pay for our shoes and I ask the guy at the desk "Since, we didn't get to finish our second game because my lungs can't handle the fact that those people came in smelling like pot. Do we have to pay for that game?" He replies "Yeah, sorry, but you do have to pay for the second game." Okay, for everyone who knows me, knows that I wasn't going accept that answer. I say "So, you're telling me that you're gonna make me pay for our second game, that we DIDN'T get to finish because YOU let people come in smelling that way?" Guy at the counter: "Yeah, it's not our fault they came in smelling the way they did (like pot)". Me: "But it is your fault because you have the right to refuse service to anyone. And it's EXTREMELY inconsiderate to the rest of your customers that you allowed them to come in." At this point this poor guy didn't know what to say. Guy at the counter: "You still have to pay." Me: "Okay, I wanna talk to your manager." So I got and talk to the manager and I end up only having to pay for our shoes!! I win!! It's times like this where I really see my mother in myself. :)

Tuesday September 4th: Tuesday was mine and Aarons last day together. And before he left I wanted to have a date night. He took me to the Melting Pot!!! I LOVE it there :) it was his first time! For those of you who haven't been to the melting pot, they give you your food in courses. Cheese, salad, meats, and chocolate! Aaron and I had decided to skip the salad part. So after our cheese course, our waiter came and took everything away and came back with this broth type thing that you cook your meats in. Well 45 minutes later, not even being acknowledged by our waiter, we still hadn't received out meats. So I stopped a manager that happened to be walking by our table and told him that we hadn't seen or heard from our waiter in 45 minutes. 5 minutes later, the manger was back with our food. And he kept apologizing like no other. And to show that he was sorry, he paid for out drinks and dessert! I was pretty proud of myself :) lol It was a really great night, with the exception of that waiter!

Friday September 7th (today): I leave at 9:05 pm tonight to go to california!!! I couldn't be more excited!!!! I miss my best friend and I know we're gonna have such an amazing time! I'll be there from tonight to next saturday morning and from what Mel has told me, we are basically doing something everyday I'm there. I'm really looking forward to meeting all of her roommates and friends and whoever else I happen to meet! Each day, I will be posting something. I've been packing like a crazy person all day and I still feel like I'm forgetting something. I probably am. But oh well, melissa has everything I might need! I can't wait to get to the airport (I LOVE THE AIRPORT!!!) Aaron left yesterday for his 10 day trip to Hawaii with his friends family. So far he seems to be loving it. I'm so jealous that he's there and I can't be there with him! I miss him. I know it's only been like a day in a half but I do miss him lots. But I'm really happy that he is having such a good time :)

I have to go finish up packing. And I'm gonna go to dutch to get one last drink before I leave lol :)

I will keep this updated as much as possible while I'm in california! Thank you for all your support!

- Amanda :)