Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Learning to walk again

Hey everyone,

    After battling the doctors for a good three or four months now, today was the day I finally won and was written the prescription for at home oxygen! I had an appointment today to get a machine for my at home sleep study that I have to do tonight, to see if my oxygen saturation drop when I sleep. I have a sneaking suspicion that they do, but we'll see. It has only taken them months and months to run this freaking test. But while I was at my appointment, I mentioned to the lady that when I do something active such as taking a shower, getting ready for the day or going shopping, I become really short of breath really easily, therefore making it hard for me to do stuff. So she decided to walk me up and down the hall and a set of stairs to see if my O2 dropped. And after walking about 500 feet not even making it to the stairs, it dropped to what I like to call my magic number of 88%. Anything under 89% qualifies you for oxygen. I was so happy/relieved when she said "You just got yourself oxygen!" It's a very bitter sweet thing. Bitter because it's a realization that I'm officially sick enough to where I need oxygen. But sweet because I'm gonna be able to function better and I'll be able walk the mall again. Something I haven't been able to do in about six months or so. I'm so excited!!!!! The little things in life that people take for granted. 

Top picture: The thing I have to sleep with on my finger.
Bottom picture: The machine it's connected to.

All the oxygen tanks I was given today..So many of them!!!

Left picture: My main oxygen machine, I use at home.
Right picture: Me after they set up my machine. It feels amazing to breathe a little better! <3

    I'll get my results back from my over night study most likely on friday. When I do,  I will be posting again. Since I am officially on oxygen now, I may be moving up on the transplant list. I'm not 100% sure yet if this will have any affect on my score (where I'm placed on the list). It's all gonna depend on my results. All I know for sure is that it's gonna make traveling a little bit harder. Also, I am still selling my "Just Breathe" "Amanda" bracelets to help raise money for my transplant. All the money goes to expenses my family and I are going to have. Especially plane tickets to get my family down to california ASAP after I get my call. If you are interested in buying one or however many you want, please feel free to comment on this post or send my a message on my facebook (the link to my facebook is on the right hand side of my blog). 

The bracelets I'm selling!!!! $3 dollars each :)

Prayers and good thoughts are always welcome and appreciated ! Also, please pray for not only me, but for my cyster Mikayla, who just received her transplant on Monday <3

-Amanda :)

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  1. The small unimportant things people complain about... lots of people dont realize how blessed they really are! Reading things like what you have written are very touching...and reminds me how thankful I should be for my health. May GOD keep his angel Amanda safe. Prayers!