Monday, December 3, 2012

Finally Home!!!!!

    I'M FINALLY HOME!!!!!!!!! I'm so incredibly happy that I got to come home today. After the day I had, I thought I would never get released. So to start my day off right, my nurse comes in at 8 this morning and tells me that I'm going down for a test in an hour... okay nurse. Mine and my moms first question is what does this test entail. My nurse goes and brings my mom these papers that tell us, I"m going down for a procedure that they have to mildly sedate me for and I have to have a camera shoved down my throat so they can look around inside my body. Uhhh WHAT?!?!?! Naturally, I start freaking out because first of all no one told me about this and second of all that's not how I wanted to be woke up. Now my mom and I start panicking, she calls my dad, who typically runs on no sleep and he has nights where he just drops and last night was one of those nights, so he wakes up rushes to the hospital. We're down in a random hallway just sitting, waiting for me to go back to get this procedure done. My dad shows up. Finally someone comes out and we ask them what exactly this procedure is, and she says she was gonna go and check and then come back and tell us...she never came back. When someone finally does come to get me, they take me and my parents into this x-ray lab, and turns out all I have to do is drink something... Thank you nurse for scaring the living shit out of me. (Picture below on the upper left side; the worm looking thing is the contrast I had to drink). After I finish this, we go back up to my room, where my nurse tells me I have yet ANOTHER test I have to do before I get to go home. Mind you, before I get to go home I have to have my port reaccessed and I have to meet with the home IV people (who apparently won't be there tell 3, it's around 11:30 at this point). To add something else on my plate, I have to have an IV put in my arm in order to do the scan for my lungs. Because using my port would mess with the quality of the picture.. The point of me having my port is so that I don't have to have any more IVs put in my arm. I go down for the scan, which went really well, all I had to do was lay there while this cool machine took pictures of my lungs. Turns out this scan was to see/measure how much blood flow my lungs are getting. If you look at the picture below, the one on the upper right side, shows that I don't have use of the top part of my right lung. After I finished this scan, I came back up to my room and my nurse comes in and tell me that she has to take labs from me before I get one of my antibiotics, which would've been fine and dandy, if it wasn't due at 5 pm. Which would've meant she was gonna take labs at 4:30 pm, it was 12:30... Yeah, no not happening. I call my mom and she calls home IV and they decided that I can leave after I get my port reaccessed and I don't have to have labs done today!!!! Well I get my port reaccessed and I'm waiting for my nurse to come give me my discharge papers...but no... she walks in with an antibiotic in her hand, that I apparently have to get before I leave. At this point in time, I'm just fed up with everything!! I'm pissed, I'm frustrated and I just want to go home. She starts my IV that's only suppose to take a half hour. Fifteen minutes in to it, I look up at my bag to see how much was left, only to discover that my nurse didn't undo the clamp to start it, so I've been sitting here for fifteen minutes for nothing... Thank you nurse for really pissing me off and messing with my day. All I wanted to do was go home.. I finally get released around 2:30 pm or so. And after the day I had, had at that point I didn't think I was ever gonna get out. By the time I left, I was just so done. I'm happy to be home, even though I have to be on IVs for the next week or so. Doing everything myself is so much better than being in the hospital!!!!! 

Top left: The worm looking thing is the contrast I drank.
Top right: The blood flow throughout my lungs (notice there's none to my upper right side)
Bottom left: The IV they had to put in for my lung scan.
Bottom right: ME :)

    Due to my shitty day I had, on our way home my dad took me to dutch (Dutch Bros) to help with my day :) I love dutch!!!! It's delicious :) I'm so happy to be home and to be free. I'm anxious to get back into my normal routine. This week is full of appointments and fun. I have lung rehab tomorrow, counselling on wednesday and my friend Mat, who has CF, is coming to stay the night at my house. Because he lives in Pendleton and has a doctors appointment on Thursday in the morning and he doesn't want to have to wake up super early to drive four hours. On thursday, I have lung rehab again, then having a girls night that night to :) And on friday, I have an appointment to meet with a cardiologist, it's required for transplant. Crazy busy week I have. But I've decided that from now on I'm focusing on me and only me, at least for the time being. I have so much going on in my life, that I need to figure out. And that takes priority over everything and everyone. My health is my main focus. This new chapter I'm starting in my life is going to be a good one. And those who are important to me and those who love and care about me will be right by side during this new chapter. Thank you everyone for all your love, care, support, and for believing in me. It still amazes me how many people I really do have in my corner <3

Prayers and good thoughts are always welcome and appreciated <3 

-Amanda :)

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