Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's that time again...

     I know I haven't posted anything about my trip to California or anything since my trip to California, I'm sorry!!! And I will get on that ASAP!!! But the reason I haven't is because I'm sick. I had a doctors appointment today (it was a scheduled visit) and since I haven't been feeling good for about two weeks now, I knew it wasn't going to be good. Last time I had a doctors appointment was about a month ago or so, my pfts were 37%, which is my baseline, and today they were 23%.. NOT GOOD AT ALL. HORRIBLE IN FACT!!! Naturally, my doctors wanted to admit me into the hospital and normally I wouldn't complain about being put in the hospital as crappy as I'm feeling. But this time, it was NOT going to happen. I was sick a lot last term, resulting in me missing a lot of school and failing all my classes. Because I failed all my classes, I lost my financial aid. I have worked so hard to get everything together so I could file and appeal, in attempt to get it back. Well yesterday, was the first day of classes and the day I turned everything in for my appeal. I wasn't about to be put in the hospital just to loose my financial aid again. I absolutely LOVE going to school. As an alternate to going to the hospital, I am going to be doing home IVs as of tomorrow. Which means, I can go to school!!!!! Tomorrow morning at 10am, I have to go to Sunnyside so they can place a PICC in my arm, which will be left in for two weeks, so I can get my antibiotics.  
This was the PICC I had in last time I was on IVs. And is the same thing I'm getting put in my arm tomorrow :(

     I am so thankful, that I still get the chance to continue to go to school even though I'm severely sick. Yes, it's gonna be extremely challenging. But hey, at least I get to go. My doctors have been talking to me a lot about transplant and what not because I am close to needing one. And I can't help but say, it really kills me when people complain about about their pfts dropping when they have pfts above 60%. I would do ANYTHING to have lungs that functioned that greatly. I know CF affect everyone differently and everyone's body handles it differently, but I just can't help but shake my head when I hear people say stuff like that. BE THANKFUL. Because there are people that would give anything and everything to be able to breathe as good as you can. BE THANKFUL for all the little things, everyone takes for granted everyday. I'm thankful for every breath I take, every day I wake up, every time I feel well enough to go to school, every time I can walk a short distance without coughing up a lung, EVERYTHING, I'm thankful just for still being alive today. I'm especially thankful for the wonderful support system that I have :) <3

     I will keep this updated as often as I can, it really depends on how I'm feeling. Good thoughts and prayers are always welcome! 

- Amanda :)

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