Friday, February 1, 2013

Port problems


     I've been sick for about a week and a half now. And after a week of fighting it, I finally caved and went in to the doctors. I got put on home IV on wednesday (the 30th). I went in, got my port accessed and everything was fine. It accessed really easily and flushed really well. Well today when I went to hook up to my antibiotic it wouldn't flush or give blood return. So I did all the little tricks I know, sitting in a different position  laying down, putting my arm above my head, coughing, and nothing was working. So my mom called home infusion and they told us to go to the nurse treatment room. We got to the nurse treatment room around 4:30 ish, and we were informed that there was an hour and a half wait. But fortunately we got right in and didn't wait anymore than 10 minutes. The nurse tried all the same tricks I had done at home and nothing worked. So she decided to deaccess and reaccess me. Didn't do anything. The nurse called home infusion to see what the "next step" was. And I was then sent to sit in the ER waiting room... Not a good place for a CF patient!! Person and person my mom and I sat and watch everyone get pulled back into a room to get helped, even people that walked in after us.. My mom finally decided to page my doctor. My doctor then called around to  figure out what was gonna happen with my port. My options were, wait to see someone (we were told we MIGHT get seen before 3am), get admitted (not something you want to attempt at 8 oclock at night) or stop IV antibiotics altogether. Well I'm sick, therefore I need to be on antibiotics. So we hang up with my doctor and wait some more. My doctor calls back about an hour later and says "Go ahead and leave. We're gonna have you to go urgent care in the morning to get an xray." Oh thanks doc, I've only been dealing with this/sitting in the ER for FIVE hours now.. When go to tell the lady at the front desk that we are leaving and we're just gonna deal with this tomorrow. And she goes "Oh okay, you guys were next." ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!??!?!

Before, during, and after, getting my port accessed! Not fun!

I was just so done with everything that I just wanted to leave. So after a LOOONNG day at the hospital, we left in the exact same position as when we first got there. Still have no idea what's wrong with my port. My guess is that I have once again coughed it out of place again. But we'll see what the xray says tomorrow.

My day started out really good, I woke up and went and got my nails done with on of my Cysters, Alma :)

I'll post again tomorrow, when I know whats going on. Thoughts and prayers are very much so needed and appreciated <3 please, please, please!

P.S. We finally opened up a bank account so people who want  to make donations for my transplant can! Go to any US bank branch, the account is under my blog name Real Heroes Become Angels!

-Amanda :)

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