Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Delayed Post

   I know I haven't posted in awhile. I'm sorry! I've had something personal happen that has really put me in kind of a daze. And I haven't really felt much like writing or even talking to anyone for that matter. But I'm back now and I'm gonna try to not wait so long in between post again. So last thursday I had a follow up appointment at the doctors that was suppose to happen on tuesday but I couldn't be PFTs because I was so sick from my glucose test. When I was started on IVs in the hospital I think my PFTs were 23% (I'm not positive). And on thursday they were 21%..Not good at all!! I've also started checking my blood sugar since that appointment. I have to check it four hours into my night feeds, which always happens to be after 1am, a hour after I stop my night feeds, and two hours after I have a meal. It's so not fun.. and with what my levels have been I have a pretty good feeling that I will have to start using insulin pretty soon. :( I've always HATED doing my breathing treatments. A reason I've always hated doing them is because they're so time consuming. Well at my doctors appointment my doctor shared with me that, there's a new nebulizer out on the market. It's suppose to take treatments from being 10+ minutes, to at the most 5 minutes!!! SO FREAKING EXCITING!!!!! My doctors office doesn't have them available yet but she's trying her hardest to get them! Every other month I rotate between two different inhaled nebulized medication (Cayston and Tobi). I love Cayston months because I'm done with them in three minutes. But Tobi, takes 20 minutes to do, it taste horrible, and it makes me feel really shitty. So finally after months of begging, I've convinced my doctors to switch me to something else. I'm still waiting for the pharmacy to receive it since it's a special order and only two pharmacy's in the US have it, it takes awhile to get. I also had my first Lung Rehab appointment that day! It was really nice. I'm happy that I get along with my trainer as well as I do. I feel like I can talk to her as more in a friend type of way rather then a doctor or medical personal type of way. I had my second Lung Rehab appointment yesterday, and I'm starting to develop a little routine already. I walk on a treadmill for 20 minutes, ride a bike for 20 minutes and then for the last 10 minutes of my appointment I do some stretches with Megan (my trainer). So far, I'm really liking going to Lung Rehab!! The past few days I've been having really bad belly aches. And when on the nights I hook up to my night feeds, I wake up throughout the night wanting to throw up. Therefore, I haven't really been eating all that much and I've lost five pounds in the last month or so. If I don't gain back my weight before I got see one of my doctors, I'm for sure gonna be yelled at for losing weight. When I get upset the first thing I do is stop eating. And I know, I should eat. I hear it from everyone. But it's so hard to eat when you're upset and you have a constant pit in your stomach that makes you wanna throw up. I know for a fact everyone understands that feeling. IT SUCKS!!!!!  I think from being so upset and stressed out, that I've made myself sick. I'm feeling kind of shitty the last couple days. 
Something I really liked and related to 100%!!

     Since I've been so upset, last weekend I decided I needed to get out of town. So I drove down to Eugene to see one of my best friends Lauren :) It was such a nice escape!! I didn't realize how much I missed her until I was down there with her! Being able to just get in my car and just drive to her, was really wonderful! I definitely needed to get out of town for a few days! And in another attempt to keep myself busy, I had a girls night last night with a few friends from high school (Kaylin, Bree, and Juli) that I hadn't hung out with in awhile. We sat and talked, watched movies, and ate a butt load of candy my friend Alli sent me in my care package (picture below)!! I had a great time! I just hope that we will be able to continue having a girls night every week :) I'm sure I'm forgetting to write something, so I may write another post after my counseling appointment! 

My care package, to help heal my broken heart <3

"Love is patient and kind; It is not jealous or conceited or proud; Love it not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; Love does not keep a record of wrongs; Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. Love never gives up; and its faith, hope, and patience never fail." <3

Prayer and good thoughts are always welcome and greatly appreciated <3

-Amanda :) 

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