Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hospital Stay Day 4: One approval down, one to go!

Hey everyone, 

    Day four is about to come to a close but today was definitely the most exciting day ever. Today was a fabulous day!!! Today was the day that my doctor was presenting my "case" to the rest of the kaiser transplant team to see if they all agreed that I was ready to receive a double lung transplant. I have been anxiously awaiting to hear the answer to that question for a very long time now. When I saw my doctor stand outside my room to gown up (I'm in an isolation room because I have CF) I got very nervous. Well the answer to that question is YES!!!! They all agreed that they think I'm ready to move forward with the transplant process. So now the next step is a transplant coordinator is going to get my file ready (all my test results, my history, and whatever else they need) and send it down to Stanford. See if they want or need any other test. We then have to wait to hear back from Stanford, which could take 2-3 weeks, to see if they accept me and to see if they agree that I'm ready for transplant. If and when they do, my mom and I will fly down to California for a couple days to meet the doctors and everyone else and we will get a pager!!! I'm sooo excited!! But I'm also absolutely terrified. The last few days I have been told by many people how strong, brave, inspirational, they think I am and honestly, I'm freaking terrified. I go back and forth with what I want every five minutes, I break down and cry out of nowhere, I'm only human. The place I find my strength from is my family and my friends. I wouldn't be here today if I didn't have something to live for. My family and friends give me that something. I would have no reason to be going through this incredibly hard process. I love them more than anything in this world. I couldn't be more thankful to have them by my side :) I can't wait to start my new life, with a new set of lungs. I want to be able to walk down the hall without thinking about how short of breath I'm gonna get. I want to start my life, go to college and be a typical 19 year old girl. I want to finally be able to make the move down to california and get an apartment with my best friend :) AND I should hopefully be out of here by saturday, maybe sunday!!!

    This hospital stay has been full of visitors!!! I'm so happy that so many people have came up to see me since I've been here. It makes being here a lot easier. My visitors today were, Sue, Boo, Johnny, Rose, and DJ!!!!! Oh and not to mention my favorite nurse ever, Katherine, stopped by to say hi today! I was so excited to see her because it had been forever since I had seen her. When people come to visit me, it takes my mind off of the fact that I'm in the hospital and that I'm sick. Thank you all for all the support I have been shown. It's absolutely incredible!!! I love and appreciate each and everyone of you <3 As you guys all know I am in the hospital for awhile and quite frequently, so after awhile hospital food gets old and I stop eating. So in attempt to get me to eat, my wonderful mommy went out and got me one of my favorite candy's and dinner!!!! I can't even begin to describe just how delicious it was :) While we are stuck here in prison, a.k.a the hospital, my mom also knits, so while we've been here she made this absolutely beautiful scarf. And upon telling my sister Ashley about my approval, she drew me this really awesome picture (pictures below) :) Thank you both for your heartfelt gifts!

 My yummy, yummy food I had today :) 

The scarf my mommy made me (left) and the picture my sister drew me (right) :)

Please continue to send prayers and good thoughts my way. They are both very much so appreciated and welcome <3

-Amanda :)

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