Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hospital Stay Day 3

Well, today was day three in the hospital. Bright and early this morning, around 8:15 or so, I got woken up by my nurse telling me that I was going to be going down to get and ECHO done of my heart in about 45 minutes.. Awesome... That's definitely NOT how I wanted to be woke up but okay, thanks. I realize 8:15 isn't that early, but in a life of a CF patient, it's VERY early. I went down for my ECHO, where they took pictures of my heart by doing an ultrasound. Looking to make sure that my heart is still doing okay, given that it has to work really hard to pump blood throughout my body twice has hard. So all fingers and toes crossed that everything comes back looking good! The guy that did my ultrasound said that from what he saw, everything looked good. So now we wait to see what the doc says tomorrow. We did however get the results from my CT scan that I had done last night. And everything looked perfectly fine!!! No cancer, no cyst, no nothing :) A little while ago my nurse came in and told me that they wanted a urine sample, which isn't a problem, but I wanted to know what for. And she said "It's to see if your pregnant." Okay doctors, if I was pregnant, don't you think you would've seen something on the COMPLETE body scan you just did. Not to mention the x-ray that was done the first day I was here. And if I was pregnant this whole time, most, if not all of the medications I'm on would've harmed the baby in some way. So thank you for harming/killing my non existent child... Right now, I'm waiting for my nurse to bring me in all my nightly medicines. I'm pretty tired today, I've and staying up late the last few nights. :) So tonight is an early bed time night! 

I had lots of visitors today, which I love!!! My grandma came up for a little bit and brought me some candy! Shortly after she left, my friends mom, Santi, came up to visit me. It was an unexpected but very welcomed visit. It's nice when random people come up to visit because it makes you realize how many people really do truly care, even if you don't know it. She brought me up some goodies as well. (Picture below, Santi's gifts on top, and grandmas on bottom.) And later today, I got to see my brother, sister and dad for a little bit today. Which was really nice, because I miss them so so much!! I miss being home with them. So it was good to see them for a bit today :) I love them dearly!!! But it's really nice, that I have my mom here with me and that she's been here with me the whole time. I don't know what I would do if she wasn't here <3

My goodies I got today!!! Thank you both <3

I'll post again tomorrow when I get the results of my ECHO!!!! Prayers and good thoughts are appreciated and welcome <3

-Amanda :)

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