Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuesdays Appointment

    I had an appointment on tuesday. I was going in to see if I could come off of IVs or not. And I DID!!! It's so nice to finally be free from an IV. Not having to worry about what time I have to do my antibiotics and what not. Also, while I was at the doctors I had to do a glucose tolerance test to see if I have CFRD (Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes). In order to do this test you have to fast (not eat) at least 10 hours before hand. Well my appointment was at 2 in the afternoon and I wanted to do my test before hand. So we got there at about 1 or so. I went to the lab, they took blood and we had to wait for the results to come back before I could drink this disgusting concoction of sugar and whatever else, it took a half an hour to get those results... So by this time I hadn't had anything to eat in 14 ish hours. Just so you all know, if I don't eat, I become VERY VERY crabby. I start feeling like shit, I look like shit, I'm dizzy, no energy, I get super nauseous, and I feel like I'm gonna pass out. I finally got to drink the stuff I had to drink, which made my nauseousness ten times worse. After I finished drinking it we had to wait two hours before they took my blood again. During those two long hours of waiting, I had my doctors appointment, and I got my port de-accessed!!! By the time I went back to the lab it was about 4pm, making it 17 hours since I've had something to eat. I felt like death :( It sucked sooo much. My poor mom and Aaron had to put up with cranky Amanda all day long yesterday. I'm not to sure how they did it, but I love them for it :) Thank you both! I think we finally ended up getting home around 5pm ish or so. I was extremely ready to be home!

    Today, my mom being my mom couldn't wait for my doctors appointment that I have tomorrow (I'm going back tomorrow because I didn't do PFTs yesterday) to find out what the glucose test revealed. And it turns out that I do have diabetes.. Which isn't something I'm surprised about, I've had the feeling I've had diabetes for awhile now. But it was just confirmed today. So tomorrow, we're taking about what I have to do and everything that diabetes entails. Diabetes is very common among CF patients. Almost all of us have it or will develop it in our lifetime. It just sucks that I have it now. Just yet another thing I have to now worry about. GRRR!!!! 

^ My new sidekick...grr (my new blood sugar meter)

    On a good note, I finally got to meet my cyster Addie today! She's incredible. My mom and I went to lunch with her today. We got the chance to ask her a bunch of questions we have about transplant, seeing as how she's been through it. It was an amazing lunch. She's such an inspiration to me! Before I met her, I wasn't sure if I wanted to get a transplant but seeing how successful she has been with her transplant, has really changed my mind about it. I could've sat and talked to her all day long. She is definitely someone I know I will be close with for the rest of my life! I love her <3 Next wednesday, my mom and I are going to a donor breakfast with her and her mom. It's a breakfast and most everyone who attends has had an organ transplant of some kind. And people who are thinking about getting a transplant. I'm pretty excited!! 

    After my appointment tomorrow I will post an update! Prayers and good thoughts are always welcome and right now are very appreciated!!
- Amanda :) 

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  1. ugh! I, too, have CFRD. Thus far the biggest thorn in my side. I hope your copping well.