Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lung Rehab

     Today I started what is called "Lung Rehab". It's a program designed to do two things; first it's gonna teach me how to get the best/most use out of the lungs I have and to slowly work on building up my lungs. The second thing it's gonna do is get me into the best possible shape I can be in before my transplant. During my sessions they will be monitoring my blood pressure, O2, and my heart beat pattern. So I'm basically getting my own personal trainer, FOR FREE!!! Kind of awesome if you ask me :) lol. I will be doing this at least twice a week. Right now it's scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm! You will notice (if you haven't already) the majority of my appointments are in the afternoon. I don't do mornings very well. But anyways, I'm pretty excited to be starting this program. Why I didn't start this program sooner, I'm not really sure. I'm just glad to be doing it now! 

This is my new trainer Megan a.k.a my new best friend :)

Part of the gym I will be spending a lot of time in!!

    I have a lot of appointments coming up. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment at 2 to meet with my new primary doctor and get a feel for what he's like. And I also have to meet with a home IV nurse tomorrow so they can take labs, which test my liver function and they also take a CBC (complete blood count) it's a routine thing they have to do when I'm on IV antibiotics. They take labs every three days. Tuesday, I have another doctors appointment, which will tell me if I get to come off of IVs or not. So keep your fingers crossed! And Thursday, will be my first official work out session!! I'm sure I have more appointments, I'm just not aware of them. Lol 

Prayer and good thoughts are always welcome and appreciated!!  

- Amanda :)

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