Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Flu shot

Ugh.. Today while at the doctors I had to get a flu shot. I've had many many flu shots in my life. And I am not opposed to getting them, especially since I've never had the full on flu! It is recommended that everyone a CF patient is around on a regular basis gets one just to prevent giving it to someone with CF. We would end up being 10x sicker than any normal person. But unfortunately I am having what doctors call a vaccine reaction. My arm looks like I have a golf ball in it, it hurts like crazy and it's red. I am so miserable. My doctor told me to put an ice pack on it and to take some ibuprofen and that it would take a while for it to stop hurting. So right now, I am icing my arm and laying down. 

GRRR... it's gonna be a long night :(

Top view of my swollen arm :(

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