Sunday, August 26, 2012

Urgent care- Update

Got home from the hospital about an hour or so ago. For my CT scan, I had to drink this contrast stuff so that they could see into my belly. It tasted like really tart lemonade, it wasn't horrible but it wasn't good. I drank so much of it I felt like I was gonna throw up. The CT scan showed that my appendix is larger than normal, but that's all it showed. The doctor that looked at my CT scan wasn't any help to me at all. All she told me was "Your appendix is larger than normal. So I want you to have a follow up appointment with your doctor (doctor cohen, tomorrow)." Uhhh okay...thanks doc. You told me absolutely NOTHING. In my opinion, a larger appendix is a damn good reason to take it out!!!!! I'm probably not gonna go to the doctor tomorrows, because there isn't any reason he needs to see me. So my mom is just gonna call him in the morning and see what he wants.

On the plus side, I made it home in time to watch Big brother and Army wives!!! Yayayaya!!!

I'll post tomorrow after I talk to my doctor! Thank you all for all the good thoughts, they are very much appreciated :)

- Amanda :)

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