Saturday, August 25, 2012

What a wonderful day!

So, today was such a great day for a couple reasons!

First; I booked my trip to california!!! I leave in 2 weeks!! I will be there for 8 days, I'm so very excited to see my best friend! I miss her A LOT!!! It's been a long time since we had some best friend one-on-one time! Ahhh, these two weeks better go by VERY fast! At the same time I'm in california, my wonderful boyfriend will be in Hawaii with his friends family. I leave the 7th, come back the 15th. And he leaves the 6th and comes back the 16th. So it will be perfect timing!

Second; Aaron and I spent the day having fun!!! We went out to wilsonville and had lunch with my mama. Then after lunch we went to Bullwinkles and mini golfed! We had planned to spend the day there but of course the one day we decide to go, someone/some group finds it necessary to rent the place out, closing it down at 3pm..we got there at 1:45..story of my life. After we got kicked out of bullwinkles, we drove to Aarons moms work to get some movie passes! From there we went and got me some delicious ice cream, headed home so I could take a nap for a little while. At 7pm we went and saw Hit and Run, it was SOOOO funny, we basically died the entire time! After the movie, we weren't quite ready to head home yet, because my mom had informed me that she was not home but my brother, sister, and one of my brothers friends were home..we went and got ice cream again :) lol

^ This is my new vest!!!

Third; I GOT A NEW VEST!!!! I'm not talking about a piece of clothing I wear. I have a vest machine (picture above). I put on the pink vest and attach those hoses to me and the machine, when I start it, it shakes me. The goal of this machine is to break up all the mucus that is in my lungs so I can cough it out and clear my lungs. I do this at least twice a day, along with all my other breathing treatments.

All in all, I'd say today has been a wonderful day! Now, it's time for bed, I'm up WAY past my bedtime! Good night!!!

-Amanda :)


  1. Your vest is PRETTY! And it does good things, can't get better than that. ;)

  2. I got my new vest a couple months ago :) looks just like yours!