Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesdays appointment

Hi everyone!

  My appointment today couldn't have lasted longer, I'm sure of it. We were there from 1-4.. it was ridiculous, but that's what happens when you have a mom that ask A LOT of questions.. lol (love you mommy <3 ). We asked a lot of questions about transplant and as of right now, I am not quite sick enough to be a candidate for one! Honestly though, I'm not sure I want one. After hearing about what it entails, like most people say, it's trading one disease for another... 

  But anyways, I saw one of my three regular doctors, and she said that I'm doing very well and that I've had a huge improvement since I was last seen and they were very happy with that! And the reason that my lungs have been so shitty was because I was still recovering from the surgery I had. Yes, it took me FOUR months to recover from a basic surgery (even though no surgery is "basic"). That's to be expected though when you have bad lungs. I also saw a dietitian and my doctor and her both agree that I should be 120 pounds, instead of 111 pounds.. I get really frustrated because even when I do EVERYTHING I'm suppose to, it's still not good enough for them. I've been at a 111 pounds for a very stable amount a time. Lately, my doctors have picked up a habit lately with telling me that I'm not compliant, it's totally BS!!! So now, my mom and I have made a deal that if I gain 9 more pounds and hit 120 and stay at 120 for a couple months, my mom has to buy me a car!!! :) She use to bribe me with clothes when I was younger but now that I'm older the stakes are higher!! 

I also have a see a social worker when I go too CF clinic, who I love! I made an appointment to go in and talk to her at the end of September because once again its yet another thing I'm not doing right.. GRRR!!! IT's not to bad though, because I really like talking to her!

Two appointments down, one to go! I'm really glad that I had my mom and boyfriend with me today, I'm so thankful for them :) I'll keep you all posted on my upcoming appointment tomorrow! I'm not very excited because I have to fast tonight since I didn't do it yesterday. 

- Amanda :)

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