Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday appointment

  Today's appointment went really well! I will be having surgery to remove and replace my port. I don't have a set date yet because the lady that does all the scheduling was not there by the time we were done with the appointment. The picture below is what they will be putting inside me (I'm happy its purple!!! lol). The triangle part is where the stick the needle into and the long tube that's connected to it, is threaded up a vein into my heart. With this surgery I won't be put completely under, so no tube down my throat to help me breathe, which is good! I will be lightly sedated but not asleep. I won't feel/remember anything (hopefully). I've also decided that taking my mom, sister, and boyfriend to a doctors appointment isn't a good idea. Because when you get the three of them together they act like children... They went through ever single drawer in the room, not to mention they managed to make some stuff they found in the drawers highly inappropriate. I swear I was the ONLY mature on in the doctors office. So next time only one-two of them get to come, never again will I allow all three of them to come!!  

My soon-to-be port

  I also went up to the college to talk to financial aid. Since I was sick and spent most of last term in the hospital, I unfortunately didn't pass any of my class, therefore I lost my financial aid. If I don't win my appeal I won't be going to school fall term :/ I'm hoping I'll win. I have to get proof that I was actually sick and in the hospital. And I also have to write a paper explaining why I wasn't able to pass my classes.. School hasn't even started and I already have homework :/ lol We'll see what happens with that.

When I find out when my surgery will be, which I should hopefully know within the next few days, I'll post! Thank you all for your support, it's absolutely incredible! I had no idea this many people cared about me. Thank you 

-Amanda :)