Monday, August 20, 2012

Pictures showing my CF

 ^ One of my best CF friends Mat, myself, and my best friend Melissa
 ^ Melissa and I. If you look at my stomach above my belly button
you see my G-Tue. I've had it since I was a year and a half old.
 I have it because having CF (in most cases) means
your malnourished, so at night I hook up at night to a pump that
feeds me formula that is high in calories and has vitamin supplements.  
^ This is a PICC line, it's a form of an IV. That little blue tube
is thread up a vein all the way to your heart and that is how you receive IV antibiotics.
The marks around that little blue tube are bruises. And what you don't see in this picture this the
blisters the tape had left on my arm :(
I typically have a port, which is a impermanent circular disk that sits right under my skin 
in my upper chest area, and when I need antibiotics they stick a needle in it and thats my IV.
But unfortunately my port has stopped working, so I have to get a new one :( 

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