Tuesday, August 28, 2012


  I had a horrible night last night, to start off I was alone until about 2:30 am. Never in my life have I ever stayed at my house alone at night, there's always been someone home. At about 4:00 am, I woke up feeling a coughing fit coming on, along with some fluid moving around in my lungs. So naturally I ran to the bathroom to spit up whatever I was feeling/coughing up. It was blood. It happened about five-ten times. I was happy that Aaron had decided to come home from his friends house, instead of staying the night because I would've been by myself, had he not. :( After my coughing attack, I had a hard time falling back to sleep, but I finally did. Once I finally woke up again, I had yet another coughing fit, resulting in me coughing up more blood. With in the last week, I've had two bloody noses, and now I'm coughing up blood. Ever since I got my bloody noses, I thought my vitiman K (blood clotting vitiman) was low. And I even said something to my doctors but they didn't listen to me. I called my doctor today and told her what was going on and that I had been coughing up blood throughout the night and she finally listened to me and gave me a vitiman k shot. I'm hoping this shot was worth it, because if it doesn't work I'm scared I may not be able to go to california. And that I'll be in the hospital instead :/ Only time will tell though. I've just been taking it easy today and not doing hardly anything!! My kind of day!!!

Within the last two days I have been stuck with 5 different needles. The only type of shots I like, come in a small glass! :) lol
     1. A shot of pain meds, that went in my hip.
     2. Blood draw for some labs, in my arm.
     3. IV in my arm for my CT scan.
     4. A shot of vitiman K, in my arm.
     5. A pneumoniae shot, in my hip.

Please keep your fingers crossed that this shot works. Good thoughts are also always welcome!!!


- Amanda :)

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