Sunday, August 26, 2012

Urgent care

My mom, Aaron and myself have been sitting in urgent care since 1pm. Got taken back to a room at 2:30, talked to a doctor. And we are now waiting for someone to come give me pain meds because I am in sever pain :( I have a sharp stabbing pain in my right stomach and in my right lower back (same pains as before I had my gallbladder removed). We are being sent to the lab for some blood work and then over to x-ray/ultrasound. GRRR!!! But before I head over to the main hospital to get my ultrasound/x-ray the nurses here have to watch me for a half hour because of the meds they gave me.

This is not how I wanted to spend my Sunday. Potential things they think it could be is my appendix, possibly scare tissue from my gallbladder surgery, or an ovarian cyst. But honestly the only thing I'm worried about is missing big brother and army wives.

I will post updates on here as test results come back. Fingers crossed that it's nothing bad, and please send good thoughts!

- Amanda :)

P.S. Just got my shot, they put it in my hip. And I can't walk because I'm a big baby. The needle was huge :( there was nothing anti-pain about that sucker.

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