Sunday, August 19, 2012

Upcoming week

Hey everyone!

So this next week I will be very busy with appointments. Ugh.. I'm not very excited at all.

Monday: I have an appointment at Good Samaritan  Hospital @ 11:30. This is an appointment for social security. Apparently, the fact that I have had CF my entire life, stayed in the hospital many times, take a million different medications, and go to the doctor at least twice a month isn't enough proof that I am actually sick for them. If that's not enough bullshit already, I'm not allowed to take ANY breathing medication, whatsoever, before this appointment because they want to make sure I'm "really" sick. And they're making me do PFTs. Okay, PFTs are gonna be even more horrible than they already are. Totally and complete bullshit if you ask me.

Tuesday:  Starting on monday night, I have to fast. Which means I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything. I have to do this because they are making me take a glucose tolerance test to see if I'm developing CFRD (Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes). I have to have my blood drawn, drink a bunch of this pure sugar stuff, wait like an hour, and then have blood taken again...not excited at all. After I do that, I have to drive to portland for what my doctors call "CF clinic" which is @ 1:30. When you go to CF clinic you have to see a bunch of different people all in the same appointment. I have to see at least two of my regular doctors, a nurse, a dietitian, social worker, and pulmonologist. All that makes for a really long day. But this appointment is gonna tell us if I'm officially on my way to needing a transplant or not. FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!

Wednesday: My appointment this day is with a surgeon @ 11:30. My port that I have had since I was 12 has finally stopped working. Since it's stopped working, I have to have a new one put in, which means yet another surgery this year. (I had my gallbladder taken out in May. Which is a big reason why my lungs have been so horrible ever since may.) I'm scared to have another surgery because of the impact the last one had on me. I don't know if my lungs could handle it. But I guess we'll leave that decision to the professionals..NOT, I will be putting in my two cents. lol :) 

One good thing is that I will have my mama and my boyfriend with me through all of these appointments!! I will be updating everyday after each appointment! Please keep your fingers crossed and send good thoughts my way!!! 

- Amanda :)  

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