Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hospital Stay Day 2: Is this really happening?

     My first night in the hospital was alright. Everything went pretty smoothly, with the exception of my port not drawing back blood very well, when it should be working fine. I still have a bad headache, coughing a lot, lungs hurt really bad, can't breathe, pretty much the usual..This morning everyone decided to come in at once of course. I'm the type of person that likes to be left alone when I'm trying to wake up, so the fact that everyone comes in at once so early in the morning really makes me unhappy. On top of everyone coming in this morning, I was informed that the x-ray I got last night of my lungs, showed that the line from my port is not in the right place anymore. After surgery it was in the right spot but its somehow moved. So I have to go to radiology in order for them to fix it. I will be mildly sedated. Words cannot describe how upset I am about this. I just wish for once something would go as planned, I wish I wouldn't have to continue jumping through all these stupid hoops. I just want a damn break!!! Is that so much to ask for? As of an hour ago, I'm not able to eat or drink anything until further notice. And I have to get a peripheral IV put in my arm because I can't use my port until its fixed. At least I have my parent here with me! I don't know what I would do without them :) 

     Aaron will be here in a little bit, I'm excited to see him! He will always be the lucky person that's gonna be sleeping in the chair next to me tonight :) lol.

 First night in the hospital and first time my port has been accessed

     I will post again later to update everyone on what happens! Prayers and good thoughts are always appreciate <3

- Amanda :)

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