Friday, October 26, 2012

HSD3: Ridiculous

    Around 7:30 I was introduced to my night nurse, upon meeting her I asked her if she could come back in after they were done giving report (a report on all their patients they were getting passed down for the night) because I was tired. She said okay, but she was getting an admit (a new patient) so after she was done with that she would come in. At about 8:45 ish my CNA (certified nursing assistant) comes in to take my vitals and I ask her to let my nurse know I am ready for bed. Well 9 o'clock rolls around, I haven't seen or heard from my nurse. I page and ask for some pain meds because my lungs are hurting pretty badly. My CNA comes in and says that she'll let my nurse know. Five minutes later she comes back and says my nurse is busy with her other patient and that it would be 10-15 minutes.... It's been a good hour and still no pain meds, no nothing. I don't think words can describe how mad I am right now. Thank you Kaiser nursing staff for neglecting my care once again. This is a prime example as to why I HATE coming in here. I hate having to wait on people to bring me things I need. It's not like I'm asking for something that isn't necessary.. I'm asking for my nightly meds/ pain meds. It's absolutely ridiculous that I've been wait for three hours for something and that I have to ask for it more than once.  I just needed to vent about how extremely frustrated I am... I'm done being here. What do you all think? Am I overreacting or do you agree?

- Amanda :)

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