Friday, October 26, 2012

Hospital Stay Day 3: It's starting

     Today is day three in the hospital. Yesterday was a very eventful day. The procedure I had to go through yesterday went VERY well. They made a small incision in my groin and stuck a wire type thing all the way up into my neck through a vein and then hooked the wire around my port to pull it back to where it was suppose to be. During this procedure they gave me medicine that made me extremely tired and kind of out of it. I apparently had visitors from Aarons mom, Shelli, and our family friend Sue and two of her kids that I vaguely remember.. I wish I wouldn't have had visitors come up after my procedure, so I ask if you plan on coming to visit please make sure it's okay with my mom or I BEFORE you come up. I absolutely love to have visitors but I also like to remember the conversations we have. Lol :) My night was okay, I had a nurse I don't particularly like but what can you do, she of course let my freaking machine beep all night long... So I didn't really get good rest. Today, I have one of my favorite nurses taking care of my today. I love when I have a nurse I like, I love being able to catch up with them and share stories about what's been going on in our lives. Having a nurse I like makes it so much easier being here because I can just relax and trust that everything's gonna be okay and I don't have to worry about anything. We just got done talking to Dr. Walter (one of my pulmonolgist) about transplant. And as of today, I have officially started the process to getting a transplant. Which means I will be going through a bunch of test and having LOTS of doctors appointments. I have to have a blood gas test done tomorrow morning (probably around 6-7am) which is when they stick a long needle into my artery that's in my wrist. It hurts like hell. I'm so not excited to wake up to that tomorrow. :/ After my hospital stay I will also be starting something called "Lung Rehab" where I will be learning how to breathe right, and it will help me get into the best shape I possibly can be!! I'm kind of excited about that!!!! I also have to do a blood glucose test after I get out of the hospital to see if I have CFRD (Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes). 

       This is such a huge step, I'm so terrified. If it wasn't for the love and support from my family and close friends I wouldn't have the strength to do this. It wouldn't have even been an option for me. I'm not only choosing to do this for myself, but I'm also doing this for them to. This is gonna be a long, scary and painful process but I want to do it, I'm ready to do it. I'm doing this for my mom, my dad, my brother, my sister, my boyfriend, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, my best friends, my soph dog, my grandparents, everyone who I hold very close to my heart. Thank you all for being here for me!

I'll post again later. Prayers and good thoughts are always appreciated <3

- Amanda :)

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