Monday, October 15, 2012

Keep calm and just breathe

     Over the last few days I've came across some really interesting pictures that I would like to share with all of you. As most/if not all of you know I have Cystic Fibrosis. Which means I have a lot of sticky mucus that I can't cough up, which makes it difficult to breathe. Which brings me to my first picture!

The cloudy white stuff you see in the CF lungs is mucus. A.K.A the reason we can't breathe. 
I would give anything to have "normal" lungs, even if it were just for a day.

     People that don't have CF, when they get a cold or the flu or anything of the sort, they are able to cough up the mucus that's in the lungs. Once you've coughed up the mucus from being sick, your breathing returns to normal. Well in that short couple days that you're sick and can't breathe is how I breathe everyday of my life.

I want everyone to try this! Then comment and let me know what you thought/felt while doing it.

The picture above I took from one of my cysters, she posted it on facebook. Never in my life have I ever found and read something that is dead on about my life and how I feel. I completely fell in love with this!

     I often find myself taking on way more than I can handle and I don't realize I do it until it's to late. Between school, doctors appointments, taking care of myself (health wise), helping around the house, and running random errands. I just break down after awhile. When I get stressed, I make myself sick, which most of the time ends in a hospital stay. All I want is to be "normal." I want to be a 19 year-old college girl, that goes to class, lives in a dorm/my own apartment, be in a sorority, have my own car, have job. It's so hard to watch all my friends at college, knowing I can't be there. Dropping my classes was so hard for me to do this term, I love school but I know I just couldn't do it this term. So, all of this rambling is leading me into the picture below. I need to learn how to do this "Sometimes it's okay if the only thing you did today was breathe" From now on, wherever I start feeling down, I'm gonna remember this and start living by it.

     Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment. It's a follow up appointment to see how I'm doing after my IVs. I get to see about 6 or 7 different people tomorrow, and I think I'm meeting my new doctor. Yay....NOT!!! After my appointment I will post to let every know how it went. Good thoughts and prayer are appreciated :)

- Amanda :)

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