Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hospital Stay Day 4: Ready to leave

     Last night was such a horrible night, I'm so ready to leave. I had a good day yesterday, everything went pretty well, until shift change.. At around 7:30pm I got introduced to my night nurse, I asked if she would please bring in all my night stuff after they finished giving report, so that I could go to bed early because I was tired. She said that she was getting a new patient and that she would be in when she could. Around 8:45pm my CNA comes in to take my vitals and I ask her to find/let my nurse know I'm ready for bed and I would like my medicines. 9 o'clock rolls around and still no nurse. So I page, my CNA comes back in and I ask her if  she could please let my nurse know I want pain meds. And if that's all I could get for now, that would be fine. It is now 10 (I asked for pain meds an hour ago)... My mom walks down to the nurses station and finds someone to basically yell at. Five minutes later someone comes down to my room and says my nurse will be down here in five minutes. So finally my nurse shows up. Telling me that she had to get her new patient settled in before she could deal with me because I wasn't as important as her other patient.. My antibiotic was two hours late. She forgot half my medicine, doesn't have all the right stuff to hook me up to my night feeds, and is very rude. She ended up dropping one of my pills, so we had to turn on all the lights, we had to move my bed and the chair my mom sleeps in to find it. Once she got my night feed bag hung, it ended up having a hole in it, so we had to get a new one of those from the cafeteria... It was just a huge fiasco. I didn't end up going to sleep until 12:30... I will be talking to my doctor about this today. This is exactly why I didn't want to come in. Every time I'm here something like this happens. I did PFTs this morning (at bedside, with a portable machine) and this machine isn't really a reliable source of information but from what it said, my lungs are the exact same as when I got admitted (not good) they should be better by now. And also, this morning I had to have a blood gas test done. And the way they test it is by sticking a needle into the artery in my wrist and taking a blood sample. The respiratory therapist that was doing it today, missed the first time, so he had to do it a second time, and the second time he hit a nerve in my wrist (which hurt like hell) and to top it all off they might have to do it again... Needless to say, I'M READY TO GO HOME!!!!

On a good note, I may have visitors today! I'm really hoping that my cyster Addie comes to visit today. We've never met, but just by talking to her I feel so close to her <3

I'll keep this updated!
- Amanda :)

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