Monday, October 22, 2012


GRRRR!!!!! I'm so frustrated!!! So I'm sure most of you have heard of the Make-a-Wish foundation, well the Children's Cancer Association does the same kind of thing for caner patients and people with CF. I've had friends do both of them. Today I emailed the lady at the cancer association about me being able to make a wish and this is the email I got back:

 " Hi Amanda,
Thanks for contacting me about a wish.  We can offer assistance to teens receiving treatment in a pediatric setting.  From what I understand, you have Kaiser insurance and are not being treated in a pediatric setting so do not fall within our criteria.  I’m sorry.
I hope you were able to enjoy a Make-A-Wish when you were younger.

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?! Because I was forced to switch hospitals when I turned 18, means I can't make a wish. Mind you, I still see all of the same doctors I've seen my entire life, a "pediatric" doctor. It's not my fault my doctors and insurance made me switch hospitals. I'm so freakin annoyed.... I was gonna wish for a car or at least get some help getting a car. UGH!!!!

Anyways, I'm done ranting about that. I have two doctors appointments this week, tomorrow and wednesday. Tomorrow is a post-op appointment with my surgeon just to see how I'm healing up and what not. And on wednesday I have a therapy appointment. I  have to go through therapy in order to be considered for a transplant. My mom and I also have an appointment with the assistant dean of the college, because ever since I started school I've had nothing but issues. So we're finally gonna get some help..hopefully.

I found a quote today that I really love and that is perfect for what's going to be happening "The day before your life changes forever.. feels just like any other day, so you never know when it's coming ♥" 

I'll post tomorrow after my appointment!
- Amanda :)

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